The Materials of Hot Rollers Which Make Difference to Your Hair

Just by reading the products review you may not find the right or the desired hair product for you. Sometimes, you need to know or research little more before buying a hair heating tools. Sometimes, it varies with the product quality and features, and sometimes it varies with the materials used in the product.

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However, whenever you opt to curl your hair, you should keep in mind that curling your hair is all about breaking and re-building the side bonds of your hair to create shapes that are nonlinear – such as waves or curls. So, the materials and the technologies have a lot to do to have the perfect finished look of your waves or curls. And the quality of hot rollers also varies with those different materials and technologies.

We have done deep research and the hard part for you this time. Here in below, you will know about the basic materials of the hot roller, which hot rollers will be best suited for you and which does what. After learning about each of them, it will be easier for you to buy the right hot roller for you. So, let’s check what we will find below.

Ceramic Hot Rollers

Ceramic is a popular inorganic nonmetallic material which is widely used in heated hair tools. Though it is good for all types of hair, it works great for fine or thin hair as it works through infrared energy. For this energy, there is almost no risk of damaging the hair.

Ceramic hot rollers are well known for smoothening the hair and naturally conditioning it. It adds some extra gloss to your hair and gives you a healthy look. Ceramic rollers also produce irons which seal your hair cuticles and lock the moisture. By doing so, your hair becomes healthier and shiner.

Ceramic takes some time to heat up. When it comes to thin hair it does not take much longer to curl but if you have thought or coarse hair it may take a little longer. Though using rollers to curl the hair means a lot of work but it will give you a long lasting and define curls than curling irons.

We recommend you to use or buy ceramic hot rollers if you have natural waves and curls but most of your hairs are unruly and frizzy.

Tourmaline Hot Rollers

Tourmaline is a single metal which produces a very gentle heat and does a very little harm to hair. Generally, tourmaline is coated with ceramic and then used in the hair heat tools. Tourmaline is rich in negative ions which neutralize positive ions and moisture in our hair and prevents frizziness, damage, breakage problem, etc. It is also very good at sealing hair cuticles and provides gentle heat thoroughly.

Tourmaline coated with ceramic generates infrared heat. With this heating technology, the heat from hot rollers spread smoothly and efficiently. Thus it does less harm to our hair and gives the hair a natural look. The surface of the hot rollers which are made with tourmaline-ceramic will improve your hair styling result and create smooth waves and give your hair natural shiny look.

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You should use or buy tourmaline hot rollers or ceramic-tourmaline hot rollers if you have fine frizzy hair. As tourmaline works well in smoothing your hair and provide gentle heat, it is best for fine and short hairs. To curl long and thick hairs, you need the hot rollers which material provides strength and longer heat.

A Note: In the market, there are no tourmaline hot rollers. As tourmaline is costly and it works well on the ceramic coating, you will find ceramic coated tourmaline hot rollers. But beware, there are some companies that use cheap coating which causes damage and breakage to your after a few uses. So, always try to buy a good one from a renowned company or you can follow our buying guide recommendation.

Titanium Hot Rollers

Titanium is a metal which is low in density, durable and very good at quicker heat transformation. It not only transfers heat fast but also fair consistent in retaining the heat. Titanium made hot rollers is best for thick hair which is hard to curl.

With titanium hot rollers you can change your hair shape faster without breaking or damaging your hair. Because titanium distributes very even heat and negative ions which is rather beneficial to human hair. It does less harm to the hair and can style your hair in a very short period of time.

If you have thick hair, need to curls or waves on it and also if you are worried about the damages of heat, you can definitely buy a titanium hot roller set. Beware, never use titanium made hot rollers on your fine hair.

Foam/sponge Hot Rollers

Foam hot rollers are used for having longer lasting curls. Foam rollers preserve more moisture in it and thus help your hair to hold the waves or curls for little longer. Besides, these rollers heat up very quickly but the soft, spongy foam of it provides a good level of styling versatility. You can have more relaxed waves on your hair if the tension is normal. If you want tight curls you just need to wrap your hair tightly. That’s it.  Foam rollers are lower in price and best for quick use.

Wax Core Hot Rollers

Wax core hot roller is being used for making the curls stay for a longer time. These hot rollers remain heated longer than other materials. So, the main benefit of this roller is that it produces long-lasting curls and works tremendously well for thick and coarse hairs.

These hot rollers are also for the hairs which do not curl easily. If you have fine hair, you may know that most of the time fine hair rejects typical curlers. But wax core hot rollers work very well on fine hair and make beautiful curls.  Besides, curls or waves do not stay long on long hair. Long hair does not tend to be curled easily but with wax core hot rollers, it can give you long lasting waves and curls on your hair and make you worry less.

But keep in mind that curling with these hot rollers is very time-consuming. You should not remove the rollers from your hair until they have cooled down. You have to let them cool gently, wait a while to get long lasting, good looking waves and curls on your beloved hair.

Heating Technology

There are mainly three types of heating technology used in hot rollers. They are PTC, Steam and Advanced induction technology. However, among the three the PTC rollers are the most commonly found hot rollers.

The first major heating technology is PTC technology. The PTC rollers are renowned for its quick heat up the advantage. If you have to hurry but need to curl or style your hair at once, you can use the PTC hot rollers conveniently. You can identify PTC hot rollers very easily. In this technology, the individual roller is placed on a slot which conducts heat to the rollers very fast. This technology is the most efficient and can available at a reasonable price.

The second one is steam technology. In these rollers, there are foams on its surface and heat up only within 10 seconds. The major two disadvantages are that the foam can become mildew and if you let the rollers heating for a long period of time, the foam becomes over soaked with the hot boiling water.

And the last one is the advanced induction technology and it is also renowned for extremely fast heating capability. Such as the Beauty Tribe Jetset Hot Roller with this advanced induction technology takes only 9 seconds to heat up and ready to curl your hair. With this technology, you can not only get faster curling experience but also your curls or waves will be long-lasting.

Besides there are hot rollers you can find in the market with the term ionic technology. These hair tools generally produce negative ions which is beneficial for damaged and frizzy hairs. With ionic technology, your hair tools can neutralize hair cuticles, smoothen your hair edges and reduce frizziness, damages and helps your hair remain in good condition for a long period of time.

Final Verdict

While buying hot rollers the first choice of material should be tourmaline and ceramic. These two will keep your hair healthy and shiny because it heats the hair from the inside. Your hair gets less damage from the ceramic and tourmaline hot rollers also.

Use titanium made hot rollers only if your hair is thick enough and hard to style or curl. For long and thick hair, titanium hot rollers are best like the ceramic and tourmaline is best for fine hairs.

Another good option can be a wax core. Though it needs longer time to style your hair with wax core hot rollers, it is best suited for extremely thick and coarse hair.

And finally, you can also use foam rollers for your fine and frizzy hair. Since these hot rollers do not generate the heat you can use them if you have frizzy, damaged or damp hair.  Foam hot rollers are the usual choice for steam models.

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