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Street style is one of the biggest and most influential sources of hairstyle inspiration for today’s generation. Whether it’s the girl opposite you on the metro or the best Fashion Week looks from the most stylish cities in the world, you will always find a thing or two interesting about their hairstyles and would want to incorporate them in your look.

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If you want to rock a brand new look of your own on the streets, then look no further! In this article, we have discussed some of the most popular street hair trends that are going to make your decade even more fashionable.

Natural & Beautiful

One of the hottest and most loved street style beauty trends we spotted throughout the last decade was the natural hair look. The textured natural hair gives you the required volume and oomph you need to go through the day.

natural and beautiful hairstyle

After washing and detangling your curls in the shower, gently pat your tresses with a microfiber towel (we prefer the DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Microfiber Hair Towel) to soak out excess water and reduce frizz and statics. Then apply a medium hold styling cream all over your hair before drying them with a hairdryer.

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Don’t forget to use the diffuser attachment (try out this Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer) as it enhances your curls and gives them additional volume.  Once your manes are dried completely, you are ready to take on the streets with a storm.

If you don’t have natural tresses and you still want to sport this look, then first adorn your tresses with really small, tight ringlets and then hit the streets. Use ½ inch hot rollers (like the Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter) to create small, natural curls in your hair.

The Blunt Bob

It’s time to officially bid adieu to the lob and embrace the blunt bod as this super popular hairstyle has made its comeback. The blunt bob is surely going to be the hair cut of the season because of its chic yet fuss-free vibe.

If you want to sport this bob cut this season, we would recommend you to visit your hairdresser soon and get the poker straight finish like runway models.

Blunt Bob

The Perfect Blowout

If you want to deck yourself up yet aim to look perfectly effortless in the streets, then the lived-in blowout is just the right hairstyle for you. This hairdo is super easy to achieve but gives your overall look a whole new dimension.

Perfect Blowout

Start off by spritzing on some texturizing hair spray (we prefer this ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray) on your towel-dried hair to not only add some volume but also to build a strong base. Then using your blow-dryer (don’t forget the concentrator attachment to add extra volume), dry your hair locks perfectly.

Once they are 80% dried, use a paddle brush comb and dry them 100%. After all the tresses are completely dried out, flip your hair upside down and again comb them for additional body and volume. Finish off by spraying your favorite holding spray for a long-lasting outlook.

Sleek, Sexy Bun

Summer is around the corner and what’s better to hit the street under the blazing sun than a sexy top bun? Well, nothing. A sleek bun not only elevates your style game but it is also comfortable and super easy to create.

Begin your styling session by cleaning your hair with a volumizing dry shampoo.

Sleek, Sexy Bun

The Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder Shampoo not only helps to remove dirt and debris from the scalp but at the same time also adds texture and creates an excellent base for the styling.

Then, using a fine-tooth comb, brush through your hair strands to remove any knots and tangles and give them a smoother look before tying them into a ponytail just below the crown. Now wrap all your hair around the pony and form a bun. Secure the bun with a handful of bobby pins and you are ready to rock n roll the streets this sunny season.

Embellished Hollow do

If there is one hair trend that will rule the fashion industry as well as the streets, it would be hair accessories. From hair slides to bejeweled hair bands and matching thin silk scarves, you can add any of this to your hair and turn heads on the streets. Adding an appropriate hair accessory is an easy way to spice up your everyday style.

Embellished Hollow Do

For an embellished updo, start off by washing and drying your hair for a soft, shiny and frizz-free base. When your hair is completely dried, comb them thoroughly for a smoother finish and then tie them in a low ponytail. Now, take a thin silk scarf and tie it at the end of the pony.  After that, with your hair and the scarf, start constructing a braid and tie the end with a rubber band. Then, pull the braid at the front and wrap around your head so that you have a hollow hairdo. Secure your hollow at the back of your head with lots of hairpins so that it stays in place.

Messy Half Bun

The half up – half down bun is the ultimate hairstyle to rock on the streets if you want to sport a Boho outlook. This is a super comfortable yet utterly stylish hairstyle to flaunt this summer.

Start your styling session by horizontally parting your hairs just below the crown so that you have a front section as well as a back section of hair.

Messy Half Bun

Take the front part and using a fine-tooth comb backcomb it for some extra body and volume before tying it up into a ponytail. Then, wrap the pony and construct a bun. Add on a handful of hairpins so that the bun stays in place throughout the day.

Curl the back section of your hair with a curling iron for an even messier yet super playful vibe.

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