Achieve Bigger Hair Curls With These 7 Easy Ways

We always say that curly hair has its own beauty and uniqueness. With beautiful curls on your hair, you can be looked beautiful, bold and sexy. Whether you have naturally curly hair or not, you can always have curls on your hair with some awesome curling styling tools and some procedures.

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But there are many types of curls and girls do different curly hairstyles on their hairs. Today we will be talking about how you can have loose curls on your with some easy ways. As you know, loose curl is now a modern fashion and it can give you a sexier look as well.

So, without further ado, let’s see what we have got in below.

1. Curling Iron Method

In this procedure, to have loose or bigger curls, firstly, you are going to need a wide curling iron. It should not be less than one inch or 32 millimeters. Otherwise, you will not be able to get loose curls.

Now, heat the iron as needed according to the thickness of your hair. Tie the hair in a high ponytail. Make sure your hair is completely dry or you will end up frying your hair. Make small sections of the hair and wrap it around the curling iron.

Using Curling Iron

Wait for a few seconds and release it. Repeat the same process with all of your hair. You do not have to be precise about curling the hair when you are doing a loose curl. It is fine if you do it incognizant, just see if you had missed any section to curl then do it.

After curling the whole sections, untie the ponytail. Run your fingers in the hair to lose the curls even more. You can use some hair texture spray to have some extra texture in your hair before applying the hair spray to set the curls perfectly.

2. Flat Iron Method

Here in this method, you are going to need a flat iron instead of curling iron. Yes, flat irons can also be used to make large curls. To make the large hair curls with a flat iron, first, you have to straighten your hair as straight and smooth hair works better for making this curl.

After straightening, make a small section of the hairs. Take a section and wrap the hair around one wand of the flat iron.

Using Flat Iron

After warping the full length of the hair, press it with both sides. Wait for a second and pull the iron away from your hair. This procedure can make very precise curls.

After repeating it with all other sections, you have to run your fingers into your hairs to loosen the curls. By doing this, the curls will be much defined. After you have done loosening the hair as you like to apply some hair spray over the curls and your perfect lose curls will be ready.

3. Curling Short Hair With No Heat

Shorthairs are a little difficult to curl with curling irons or the flat irons. The possibilities are high that you might burn yourself as the hair is short. So it is safer if you curl short hair with no heat. It is safe as well as a stress-free method. In this method, you are going to need only a hair band.

curling short hair with no heat

First, start with your wet hair. If you are doing it after a shower, make sure your hair is 75% wet not 100%. Place the headband around the head. Make some small sections of the hair and wrap it around the band. Do this with all of the hair working with small sections and leave it overnight.

In the morning undo the hair tames with your fingers without destroying the curls. Apply some hair moisturizer in the upward motion with the palm of your hand. Then apply hair spray and then the perfect loose curls for your short hair is ready to go.

4. Volume Loose Curls

This is a similar version of the first method. You are going to need a wide curling iron for this one also. Unlike that one, you have to work with sections rather than a ponytail. The wide iron is important here because of that the curl will be volumized, loose and natural.

Volume Loose Curly Hair

To start, heat up the curling iron first. Make sure your hair is dry. Spray some heat protectant spray to protect the hair from the heat then start with small sections of your hair. Take a section and wrap it around the curling iron. Keep the hair wrapping exactly for ten seconds and pull that away from your face. It will create a beautiful volume in your loose curls. Repeat this with all of your hair.

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After you will have finished, run the fingers into your curls to loosen up a little more and spray it with some hair spray to set the curls nicely.

5. Beachy Curls

This is an amazing loose curl for your lazy days or for informal hangouts. So, in this procedure, as like always you have to prepare your hair first. Use a heat protectant spray all over the hair to protect the hair from the heat. Take a wide curling iron and heat it.

Beachy Curls

In the case of beachy curls, you purposely have to be messy. You do not have to define any curls or be precise with it. Go messy this time. Make small sections of the hair and wrap it around the curling iron.

One thing you have to be precise in this particular type of curl that you have to hold it vertically not horizontally and you have to leave the end of your hair outside the iron. This will make a difference you can notice after you have done with curling. Do it with all of your hair then set it with John Frieda Frizz Ease hair spray to set the curls. Try this technique and you will be amazed how beautiful the result will come out.

6. Loose Curl with Hot Rollers

In this method, you need hot rollers and of course, take bigger rollers for having the loose curls.  First, heat up the rollers. Some rollers have indication system that shows whether your rollers are fully heated or not. If your hot rollers do not support that feature, heat your rollers for 5 minutes before using it on your hair.

Loose Curl With Hot Rollers

During the heating time, you can prepare your hair for curling. Like curling iron method, you have to dry your hair completely. You can also use a blow dryer to remove the moisture and use a good quality brush to remove all the tangles from the hair.

Now Section the hair into small parts like 2 or 3 inches in thickness. Start rolling your hair with the heated hot rollers and always start this with your front hairs. When the rollers reach your scalp, tuck and hold the section in place. After that, take some hair clamps and use it over the curl you just have made. Repeat the method for all the next sections.

Hold the rollers on every section and wait about 20-30 minutes to cool down the rollers and get your desired, lovely loose curls with this easy method.

A note: use smaller hair section if you have thick hair.

7. Heatless Bun

Though you can always create curls with heat or curling irons, it is always a better option if you can do exactly that curl without heat. It will cost you no money and you will need minimal products and it is completely harmless to your hair. You can do this the night before so that in the morning you do not have to rush.

Heatless Bun

In this method firstly, part your hair into two sections from the middle. Damp the hair with water. Take one section and twist it all the way to the ends. The twists have to be tight. Now roll thin twisted hair and create a bun in one side of the head. Repeat the same process on the other side of the hair. Secure the hair with bobby pins. For the best result, you can sleep with it or if you in a hurry just leave it until the hair gets completely dry while you get ready.

In the morning or after the hair gets dry, undo the buns. Apply some curling mousse in the upward motion so that the curls are safe. Then apply a setting hair spray.


If you love to style on your hair lot, learn to love your hair first. Every hair is unique. No matter what style you are doing on your hair, it will always end up in happiness if you really can love your hair. Do not get bothered and try not to adopt with other’s hairstyle. Choose the style which is suitable for your hair type. If you like to have loose curls on your hair, the ways we have shown you above are the best and easy ways to have it. So, why not try with yourself comment us your experience? We will be pleased having you in touch.



  1. Hello peeps,

    I must admit that I never thought that such a small article could be so much informative. I think you guys have listed and discussed all the amazing ways to create big curls in our hairs easily and quickly. This piece of writing is rich with useful information while being fun, all at the same time. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Not for once, I felt bored or disturbed. It’s a 10 on 10 articles.

    Great work!

    1. Dear Pamela,

      Thank you very much for your sweet praising words. We are overwhelmed with your feedback. Our readers’ response helps us to think and write better.

  2. Hi there,

    The only thing I would like to say is “thank you”. I never thought that I could curl my tresses with sexy ringlets without heat and damages associated with this blog. The way you explained the “Curling Short Hair With No Heat” section is “oh-so-amazing”. It is very easy to understand and effortless to follow. After getting the idea from this article, I have tried this method more than a few times on my short tresses and the outcomes were amazing.

    If you girls don’t want any damages to your hair while also want to rock extraordinary curls, then this is your thing. Try now and thank me later.


    1. Dear Carolyn,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. We are glad that our tips and tricks helped you in one way or the other.

      Please keep on sharing your stories to help others also.

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