Recreating the Hairstyle of 1940’s Actresses using Hot Rollers

1940s vintage wave Hairstyles
Trends have been changed and divas are being replaced but it’s a phenomenon that no other era, I repeat, no other era has made a huge impact in celebrity fashion till date that 1940 did. This golden age can be considered as the zenith for the fashion lovers even today as it has acquainted us with fabulous big lashes, glossier red lips, and predominantly erotic vintage waves.

Big Screen Actresses and their Styles

While talking about 1940s fashion we can scarcely disremember the forename of Vivien Leigh, Veronica Lake, and Rita Hayworth as they were the forerunner of ’40. Their sagacity of fashion and most prominently hairstyles have influenced our new leading light personalities like Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively or Washington. The floor length long gowns or glittering diamonds are the rejuvenation of the 1940s trend.

If we start a conversation about hair that people used to wear before then a specific hairstyle will continually be mentioned. Their general shape of hair was voluminous sculpted waves. And their coils were offset by a side part so that it gives a vintage appearance. These curls along with a side part were famous to be the individual style of the icons like Lana Turner, Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland where they use to make their curls done by every possible thing from pipe cleaners to old pantyhose! Later hot rollers made an ease-line to form this hairdo.  

This famous hairstyle was named as Victory Roll or Vintage Wave which still is a motivation to many fashion-conscious and swanky ladies out here. This hairstyle was such an addition to the trend of that time which permitted the women to preserve length in the back of their hair and at the same time to display their facial structures and features by pining up the front of their tresses. Exploring the red carpet series of 1940, we get to know that Gardner, Katharine Hepburn, Hedy Lamarr and Lucille Ball were one of the chief celebrities to form these vintage-inspired curls in their movies. 

Recommended Hair Length and Type

Come what may, this is a hairstyle that can go for every hair length; short hair, medium hair or long hair! Wavy or curly hair goes perfectly with this hairdo. It adds up volume and a bit movement to the end of your hair so if you are women of dull straight hair then adding up the body with these vintage curls will be elite.

Step by Step Vintage Waves or Victory Rolls

Here, for your convenience, we are going to recreate the complicated yet easy hairstyle from the days of yore with a little bit of twist to make it more interesting and trendy in this 2018. Ready to go for Victory Rolls? Here you go!

  1. Start by dividing your hair in one side and keep the hair in a 3:1 position. Usually, people take sections from one side and start rolling up. But I will suggest you a way that will make your curling work easy. After parting your hair into 3:1, take a section of the strand from the greater part of your front hair. Keeping this strand out tie up the other part of your hair into a ponytail. It will reduce the disorderliness while rolling the hair.
  2. To make your hot roller day easier you can add up a line from where you want to roll your hair. Go for one or two bobby pins and pin them at the place from where you want to make your curl.
  3. Now using rollers roll your hair and after rolling secure the hair with a pin. Roll all of your hair and secure them. Let them cool and unpin and unwrap the hair gently. Run your fingers through your hair to make them knot-free. While styling, if you want to pin up the front part of your hair, you can do it.

Today, we all love to devote a plenty of time reviewing and recreating the fashion-week hairdos like messy bird’s nest hairstyle or woven braids today, but no one will disagree that there is nothing better than the 1940s Victory Rolls when it comes to going for a fall-evening or glamorous party.

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