Gym Hairstyles – Flaunt Your Inner Fashionista

If you hit the gym regularly you know the disturbance and annoyance caused by your hairs. It’s like a routine that some of the tresses will get onto your face or climb down the nape of your neck during your workout regime to cause utmost irritation.

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Here we have discussed some really fancy, stylish yet easy to do hairstyle that would not only help you to grab attention but at the same time would make sure that all your hairs are tied and none of them comes out to cause any displeasure when you are doing your cardio or lifting weights.

1. Dramatic Reverse Fishtail Topknot

Get the fashionista tag permanently amongst your gym buddies with a stylish yet easy to make fishtail topknot; this “over the top” hairstyle not only gives our everyday topknot an interesting twist but at the same time also makes sure that all the manes are needed for the style so that there are no unnecessary hairs left to disturb you during the workout session.

Dramatic Reverse Fishtail Topknot

Start off by applying some texturizing spray like the Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray #6 to the tresses to give them some texture and extra grip. Now flip your hairs and comb them to detangle your manes as well as also add some volume. Now start constructing a fishtail braid from the flipped position. Once the braid reaches the crown of your head, secure it with a rubber band. Then again flip your head to the normal position and with the reverse ponytail construct a topknot. Add some hairpins so that it holds in place even during rigorous workouts.

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2. French Braid Ponytail

You might be tired of sporting the same old ponytail in your gym every day; another simple hairstyle to add that oomph factor to your everyday ponytail is the French braided ponytail. This hairstyle will lift up your style game by several notches and you would shine amongst everyone even after not trying too hard.

French Braid Ponytail

First, divide all your tresses horizontally and make a French braid with each section till the middle of the head and then tie them with a rubber band. Make sure that the two braids meet at the same place so that when you tie them together they seem like one single braid.

To give this style some more edge, you can use hot rollers to the ends of the ponytail to create soft curls and waves.

You can use this Caruso Professional IONIC Molecular 30-Piece Multiple Size Steam Hair Setter as it is one of the best hot roller set to use on all types of hairs.

3. High Donut Bun

If you don’t want your tresses to get in your way during your workout session, especially when you are leaning on a press bench, then the high donut bun is your best ally. That’s because this style makes sure that all your hairs are out of your neck’s way and are securely tied for an uninterrupted gym session.

High Donut Bun

For this style, tie all your hair in a high ponytail and roll them in a hair doughnut to create a bun. Now secure the bun on the crown of your head with lots of bobby pins so that it doesn’t move out of place and cause any disturbance. You can also add a decorative hairpin or flower band to make it a bit more stylish.

4. Braids Crown

You want all your tresses above your nape and still be stylish and comfortable at your workout session? Then this braids crown is just the right kind of hairdo for you; it will not only make you stand out among all your gym buddies but at the same time will tie all your tresses so that none of them gets loose and cause a disturbance.

Braids Crown

First, separate all your tresses into two equal parts, and with each section, construct a braid. Now cross the two braids on the front of your head and secure them with more than a few bobby pins to form a crown.

You can also spray on some holding spray like the TRESemmé Hair Spray, Extra Hold for holding the crown better.

5. Classic Ponytail With Hair Wrap

Have no time to style your tresses before hitting the gym?

Then the classic ponytail styled with an attractive hair wrap might save your day. This is a very basic hairdo, but when a fancy wrap is added to it, this style suddenly is anything but basic and boring.

Classic Ponytail With Hair Wrap

Start with teasing your hairs slightly to add some volume to them. Now gather all the hairs together and tie them up with a band at the crown to construct a classic ponytail. Take a portion of hairs from the ponytail and start wrapping it around the end of your ponytail until there is no hair left. Add a bobby pin or two for a secure hold.

Now, take a very fancy hair scarf or hairband and tie it into a bow in front of your head for a stylish outlook.

6. Accessorized Top Knot

Give your everyday topknot a fashionable spin with the accessorized top knot do; this stylish top bun is not only a perfect hairstyle to up your style game by several notches but at the same time is also super comfortable and secure (won’t fall off during your workout session).

Accessorized Top Knot

Construct a classic updo with rubber bands and hairpins. You can also use hot rollers beforehand to curls your hairs and give your updo a bit messy vide. Then get creative and start adding different bobby pins and clips (a star, a triangle, or a fun emoji pin) to your hairs to decorate it as well as secure the baby hairs from coming down to your face and neck.

7. The Rope Braid

Woke up late and don’t have time to deck you up for the gym? Well, no worries because you can always adorn your tresses with a rope braid which is so different, so sophisticated, and yet the perfect fit for a workout day.

Constructing this braid is as easy as it seems. Start off by pulling all your manes into a sleek ponytail and securing the end with a rubber band.

Rope Braid

Now from this part, take the end of the ponytail and divide it into two sections before starting to twist these sections around one another until you run out of hair. Then again tie the end with an elastic band and spray on some high-hold hairspray to smooth out flyaways and also to retain the style for a long time.

8. Classic Ponytail Braid

An easy yet comfortable style to flaunt at the gym is this classic ponytail braid. This old-school hairstyle will save a lot of your time and at the same time would make sure that you look stunning without having to try too hard.

For this effortless hairdo, first, gather all your hairs and tie them up into a high ponytail, and securing it with an elastic band.

Classic Ponytail Braid

Then divide the ponytail into three equal sections and create a simple braid. Once you are done braiding all your tresses, add a rubber band to secure the end so that your braid doesn’t fall apart. You can also spry on a bit of holding spray to not only ensure that the style remains intact even during rigorous workout sessions but also to tame down frizz, static, and flyaways.

9. Double Braided Buns

Even though this hairstyle is a little bit more elaborate than the other ones but it will surely help you to grab the eyeballs during your gym session. If you have some extra minutes to get ready and want to try an effective yet sexy style then this double braided bun do is a must for you.

Start off by dividing your hair into two equal parts and braid each part very tightly and close to your scalp, starting from the bottom to up.

Double Braided Buns

We are emphasizing tight braids because we don’t want this look to loose form or look messy. Once your braids reach the crown of your head, tie each of them with rubber bands. You might tease the tresses a bit if you want some volume in your buns.

Now, with each part make a high bun and secure them with bobby pins so that the buns remain in place during the workout regime.

10. Braided Messy Ponytail

If you want a very relaxed, laidback vide at the gym then there is nothing better than to sport a braided messy bun in your tresses. While this hairstyle may seem quite complicated and time-consuming, in reality, it’s pretty easy to do it if you know how to construct a classic French braid.

Braided Messy Ponytail

To adorn your manes with this style, first, tease the hairs of your crown to provide some added volume and height to it and then with a two-inch section of hair start constructing a French braid from the hairline to the end. Tie the braid with a rubber band. Now gather all your hairs including the braid and tie a ponytail and secure the ponytail with another band to enjoy a messy, relaxed hairstyle that would make your style game top-notch.

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